How Important Is Sleep In Keeping Your Eyes Healthy?

Sleep, a commonly overlooked source of health, is one of the most important tools for survival and vitality. Interestingly, sleep aids in the control of a variety of factors ranging from regulating your metabolic rate to your memory retention. It’s like the recharger for our bodies, without it our brain function becomes significantly inhibited causing the arrival of a wide variety of issues and reducing our immunity. But getting a solid 7-8 hours sleep is also extremely beneficial for our eyes too.

When we sleep all aspects of our body, including cognitive and immune function, are rested and restored. During sleep, we enter different stages of sleep and it is important to get proper rest so our eyes can be fully repaired and restored. As one of the most used muscles in our body, without proper rest, our eyes can feel achy and tired.

A lack of sleep causes improper lubrication of the eye which leads to an increased level of friction between the many aspects of the eye that can cause pain as well as lead to blood vessels bursting within the eye. It can therefore be assumed, that not only must we maintain a healthy diet in order to gain minerals to prevent macular degeneration and other age-related diseases, we must also ensure that we allow ourselves a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep every night. Ensuring you are properly rested will help to keep your eyes and vision healthy.