The Best Eye Drops for Dry Eyes 2021 | The Ultimate Guide

Dry eyes can be a nightmare not just for contact lens wearers but it can be especially discomforting for blepharitis sufferers or older people. This discomfort can have a real impact on our day too – leaving us wondering how best to relieve the sensations.

The good news – there are plenty of over-the-counter eye drops which provide fast-acting, effective relief for even the most severe cases of dry eye symptoms. But, knowing which eye drops are right for you depends on your situation, your lifestyle and the severity of your symptoms. 

If you’re wondering which drops are best for your dry eyes, then you’re in luck, we’ve done a roundup of all the best eye drops for dry eyes which you can find on the high street or online. 



1. Best Eye Drops For Contact Lens Wearers

Dry eyes really are a common case for many contact lens wearers. Nowadays, most contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel and have a high-water content to retain moisture, but this doesn’t always hold back the symptoms.

Most dry eye drops are contact lens friendly nowadays but our top pick has got to be Blink Refreshing Eye Drops – they’re cheap, super easy to use and you don’t need to take your lenses out to use them. Blink Refreshing’s rejuvenating formula helps restore moisture quickly, perfect for when your eyes are feeling a bit dry.  

Our Pick:Blink Refreshing Eye Drops

2. Best Eye Drops For Everyday Use

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a bottle of drops on you in case the symptoms pop up, especially if you’re eyes become a bit tired and need waking up. In this case, you simply want something that’s portable, easy-to-apply and cost-effective.

Vizulize Tired Eye Drops are perfect for these situations, keep them in your bag or on your person for when the symptoms kick in!

Our Pick: Vizulize Tired Eye Drops 

3. Best Eye Drops For Regular Dryness

If you suffer from regular dryness, it’s best to use lubricant drops which provide longer-lasting relief than standard aqueous drops.

Our best choice for this are Lubristil Eye Drops. They offer long-lasting relief of mild, moderate and severe symptoms of dry eyes. Lubristil Eye Drops are also preservative free and contact lens friendly. 

Our Pick: Lubristil Eye Drops 

4. Best Eye Drops For Severe Dry Eye Symptoms

Severe dry eyes can cause such discomfort that it can be really difficult to focus on the day ahead. Fortunately, there are powerful eye drops available to buy without prescription that can provide effective relief.

If this is something you experience, then we recommend Hycosan Extra Dry Eye Drops. Hycosan Extra is designed to tackle more severe cases of dry eyes – it is four times as viscous as Hycosan Original and also includes a natural tear lubricant that replicates the biological nature of the human eye. Hycosan Extra also uses Scope Opthalmics’ patented COMOD system which makes application of the drops super simple.

Our Pick: Hycosan Extra