What is Laser Eye Surgery and What Can it Cure?

laser eye

In the ocular world, technology has developed to a point where lasers are pinpoint and accurate and produce long-lasting results. The procedures themselves can have minimal to almost no pain at all, depending on the type of procedure, so let’s understand what is laser eye surgery?

The different types

Photo Refractive Keratectomy/ PRK: This was the first-ever Laser vision treatment and until today it remains the most popular surgery option, especially for older folk whose corneas are too thin for any of the other options. This treatment permanently corrects vision by targeting its laser directly onto the cornea, correcting the shape and therefore correcting the patient's vision.

As this type of laser surgery is on the surface, it keeps the cornea intact and has minimal damage, hence it remains the most preferred option.

There are some disadvantages to this surgery, and it mostly comes from the recovery period. Some patients experience discomfort for the first 2 days after the surgery is complete and because the cornea takes time to heal, vision can fluctuate during the first 3 months after surgery.

If the surgical procedures are not properly carried out, there are small chances of scarring which is completely treatable with eye drops such as (Can C Eye drops).

Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis/ Lasik: This laser eye treatment corrects spectacle errors left in patients with uncorrected or impaired vision.

It involves 3 simple steps- a layer on top of the cornea is created and folded to one side halfway; The specific area of the eye is then pinpoint treated; The folded layer is put back in place and the cornea heals itself over time. This is one type of laser eye surgery that has many subdivisions within itself, catering for the many unique problems patients have, hence it is a highly successful and trusted method.

The procedure itself is quick, easy, and effective and vision returns to the patient much quicker than PRK. However, the catch to this almost painless surgery is that it can be expensive because it requires a flap to be created on the cornea.

As not all patients are the same, some may experience dry eye syndrome and even experience the halo effect. There are highly effective eye drops and even mists available to help with these side effects and help you along your healing journeys like Vizulize Dry Eye Mist or Thealoz Duo Dry Eye Drops.

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction/ Smile: This procedure is the latest advancement in laser eye surgery and has the same benefits as Lasik. The benefit of this laser route is a combination of Lasik and PRK in one. There’s a much smaller chance of infection, there’s minimal interference with your cornea and because of its accuracy there are much lower chances of a second or follow up surgery being required 3 months later.

There’s not much pain experienced by patients, as the surgery itself is very gentle.

The only thing you need to make sure is being taken care of are your vitamins and minerals levels during your healing process. Always remember to take your Viteyes 2 (90 days) to help you boost your healing process with the minerals and vitamins they need, it also protects your eyes from oxidative stress and maintains normal vision.

The Takeaway

Laser eye surgery is a procedure that reshapes the surface of your eyes, using a laser. This treatment cures both long and short-sightedness and loss of vision due to old age.

A lot of eye care can be carried out without there being a need for surgery. If you have the onset of cataracts, then use Can C Eye Drops or if you want to reduce the risk of advanced age-related macular degeneration, then Macushield 30 days should be your first order.

There’s plenty we can do to take care of our eyes, especially if we are using a lot of screens in our daily lives (be it TVs, cell phones or laptops), hydration and moisturization of our eyes are vital.

Don’t wait to develop an issue that may need surgery, visit our site, and have a look at the various treatments readily available to help maintain the colour and clarity of your vision today.