Which is Better, Eye Drops or Mist Sprays?

When shopping for any ocular lubrication utensil it can be extremely hard to understand what exactly you need, and more importantly, what works the best. Larger high-street chains will often take extremely little care in regard to the appropriateness of the product for your condition, but instead will sway you towards the most expensive item on the shelf, largely because they do not always have the appropriate knowledge needed to diagnose the best solution.

So when shopping at a high street store or online with ourselves, how can you know what product is best for your eye condition, so let's look at the difference between Eye Drops and Eye Mist Sprays.

Starting with Eye Drops, you will very likely be aware that these are considered the mainstream solution to Dry Eye, but does that in fact mean they are the best? Well, actually it does.

Eye drops such as Hyabak or Thealoz Duo are considered to be the foremost products in the endless development of Dry Eye solutions, and there are reasons as to why. The main factor affecting their dominance within the Ocular market is their scientifically superior lubrication process. Eye Drops function by self-explanatory means, a drop of lubricating fluid into your eye.  This insertion of lubricating fluid works by interacting with the tears within our eyes, spreading throughout our entire Ocular surface when we close our eyes, thus lubricating the entirety of the eye for hours on end. Due to the complete lubrication of the eye, Eye Drops have been able to continuously hold their position on the pedestal of exclusivity where Eye Mist Sprays have not.

In contrast Eye Mist Sprays have consistently attempted to assert their sense of legitimacy within the Ocular markets through adverts such as Optrex Acitimist Havas London advert in 2018. Though, despite this attempt to use marketing to boost the popularity of the product and increase their standpoint within the Ocular Market, it is yet to show significant benefit. Eye Mist Sprays function by squirting lubricating particles onto the eye area which collect at the edges of the eyelid and lashes, therefore, when you blink the particles spread onto the surface of the eye. Granted this seems highly beneficial to people who do not enjoy Eye Drops, it doesn’t equate to how the whole nature of Eye Mist Spray is flawed. Spraying a lubricating substance onto the exterior of the eye causes the properties of the lubricating compound to be compromised, contact with the air allows for the settlement of unwanted bacteria which is layered over your Ocular Surface. In the development of this, the lubricating substance itself must contain preservatives in order to prevent quick product evaporation due to the heat of the wearer’s environment.

In the analysis of the points outlined prior, it is evidently clear that Eye Drops such as Hyabak or Thealoz Duo are the go-to product when deciding upon the method for fighting your Dry Eye. Though we do not suggest that you use the singular product, nor do we dis-encourage you to use Eye Mist Sprays, it is just our opinion. We do highly recommend that when using any new medication you consult your local GP prior to usage.