Case Study - Margaret Experience with Nutrof Total


Margaret has been wearing contact lenses for the last 30+ years, though she doesn’t suffer from any ocular defects, she takes Nutriof-Total and Thealoz Duo as recommended. Originally ordering her products through the pharmacy, the lockdown measures prohibited this and so she turned to the internet. After a brief search, she stumbled across us, a simple order later she had everything she needed. She said it was a “cheaper and quicker process” whilst the products were “the same quality if not better than those at the pharmacy.” Margaret began taking these products after being informed by medical professionals that everyone within her age bracket does. Not only this, she also ventured for other forms of verification before purchasing, reading a review by Michael Macy who voiced that he “doesn’t believe in vitamins but believes in these.” Since taking the Nutrof-Total and Thealoz Duo eyedrops, her eyes are in brilliant condition with the optician recently saying there has been “no deterioration.” Though she has attempted a variety of natural remedies (e.g. Blueberries, Kale etc) she would not recommend these as her current products “are far more effective”.