Clinitas Hydrate Gel (10g)

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Benefits Of Clinitas Hydrate
  • Clinitas Hydrate relieves the symptoms of dry eyes
  • Liquid, carbomer eye gel which lubricates the eye for enhanced comfort
  • Moistures the surface of the eye helping them feel fresh and hydrated
  • Lasts up to 6 hours - ideal for overnight use 
What Is Clinitas Hydrate?

Clinitas Hydrate is a carbomer eye gel drop which is used to relieve the symptoms caused by dry eyes. By lubricating the surface of the eye, Clinitas Hydrate helps your eyes feel fresh and hydrated whilst reducing uncomfortable sensations when your eyes are dry, gritty or sore.

When our body produces insufficient tears, or when our tears evaporate more quickly than normal, this results in our eyes feeling dry and uncomfortable. This can be more common for contact lens wearers, especially when exposed to windy, sunny or dry environments.

Applying Clinitas Hydrate helps to counteract low tear levels and enhance comfort. Try using this product in the evening before going to bed or upon waking up to help your eyes keep that fresh feeling throughout the day.

Clinitas Hydrate is suitable for contact lens wearers too – for best results, Clinitas Hydrate gel should be applied roughly 30 minutes before inserting your lenses. This will ensure a comfortable contact lens experience throughout the day.