Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray (10ml)

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Benefits Of Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray
  • No more drops!
  • Contact lens friendly
  • Relieves symptoms of dry eyes
  • Minimum 100 applications 
What Is Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray?

Eye Logic Spray, formerly known as Clarymist, when used over closed eyelids offers an effective, fast-acting treatment for eyes that feel tired, dry, irritated or gritty. This spray is as simple as closing your eyes and pressing the nozzle – meaning there’s no need for you to insert drops, gels or lotions into your eyes.

The convenience of this dry eye spray doesn’t stop there, it comes in a portable 10ml bottle which is good for a minimum of 100 applications. Make-up wearers also don’t need to worry as it will not cause your cosmetics to run when used at a suitable distance. If you wear contact lenses you don’t need to take those out either!

Eye Logic Spray is perfect for contact lens wearers who suffer from the effects of dry eyes. By stabilising the lipid layer of the eye it helps to restore moisture and provide all-day comfort for the user.

We also stock Eye Logic Dry Eye Drops.

How To Use Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray

1. Hold the bottle around 10cm from your eye (20cm if you are wearing make-up)

2. Close your eye

3. Spray once or twice over the eyelid

4. Repeat for the other eye