Blephasol Duo (100ml)

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Benefits Of Blephasol Duo
  • Aqueous cleansing solution for your eyelids
  • Effective treatment for blepharitis
  • Ideal for those with sensitive eyes and skin
  • Includes Blephasol 100ml lotion and 100 cotton wool pads
What Is Blephasol Duo?

Thea Blephasol duo is a gentle cleansing solution best prescribed for those with sensitive eyelids or those with Blepharitis.

It includes the Blephasol 100ml lotion used for daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids with the added convenience of 100 cotton wool pads – the same material as the Blephaclean wipesWith no preparation needed before application, Blephasol duo is convenient and also does not contain alcohol or fragrances which means you don’t have to rinse after use.

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Blephasol Lotion

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Blephaclean Pads

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