Opti Free Express Contact Lens Solution | Side Effects, Case Studies, Ingredients

Opti Free Express Contact Lens Solution: Ingredients And Review

Opti Free Express, by Alcon, is a multi-purpose contact lens solution designed particularly for those with dry or sensitive eyes. Opti Free Express features powerful, moisture restoring technology as well as a dual disinfectant system, removing the need for additional products to keep your contacts clean and comfortable.

In this review of Opti Free Express contact solution, we run through the ingredients, benefits, features and prices to determine whether this solution is right for you.

Opti Free Express: Ingredients List

The ingredients used in Opti Free Express are aimed to be safe and friendly for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes and include the following:

PolyQuad® (0.001%)
Aldox (0.0005%)
Tetronic 1304
Boric Acid

* Ingredients listed above are correct to the best of our knowledge and may be subject to change.

Opti Free Express: Features And Benefits

- Dual disinfectant system – protects eyes from harmful bacteria which may cause infections

- Suitable for hard contact lenses and all types of soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel

- Extends the comfort period for your contact lenses

- Multi-purpose solution – cleans, rewets, disinfects, stores and rinses

- Ensures lenses are free from build-up of irritating protein and lipid deposits

- Safe ingredients which are suitable for those with dry or sensitive eyes

Opti Free Express: Prices And Pack Sizes
Opti Free Express (355ml)
Opti Free Express 3-Month Twin Pack (2 x 355ml)
Opti Free Express Ingredients Discount Code

Opti Free Express Review

Overall, Opti Free Express is a multi-purpose solution that not only ensures a thorough, deep clean for your contact lenses, but will effectively rid them of harmful bacteria and irritating deposits. Opti Free Express is able to clean, rewet, disinfect, store and rinse your contacts which is an outstanding relief to know you won’t have to purchase any further products.

Ultimately, we’re a big fan of Opti Free Express and will most often recommend them to customers who commonly experience dry eyes. The rewetting agent used in this solution restores that much needed moisture and retains it throughout the entire day.