Thealoz Duo Side Effects - What You Need To Know

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Thealoz Duo Side Effects - What You Need To Know

The most widely used preservative-free bottle in the world. In one study, 62% of patients receiving Thealoz Duo were symptom free after 84 days

What is Thealoz Duo?

Thealoz Duo is indicated for moderate to severe dry eye disease. Clinical studies have shown that a single drop of Thealoz Duo improves the thickness of the tear film for at least 4 hours (6 times longer than sodium hyaluronate alone). 

In one study, 62% of patients receiving Thealoz Duo were symptom free after 84 days, with significant improvements in blurred vision, stinging and itching.

Thealoz Duo is a hypotonic formulation (low osmolarity), which means it particularly addresses the hyperosmolarity of the tear film in chronic dry eye to effectively soothe symptoms.

The uniquely designed, patented, preservative-free bottle allows easy application.

Products containing preservatives can cause ocular surface toxicity, leading to inflammation and cell death. Using preservative-free eye drops supports the health of the ocular surface.

What are Thealoz Duo Side Effects?

There are no known side effects to using Thealoz Duo eye drops or concerning reports from users. These drops are completely sterile and only use preservative free lubricants in its ingredients which do not cause any further irritation to your eyes.

Who is Thealoz Duo For?

Contact lenses are often a cause of dry eyes which is why Thealoz Duo only contains ingredients friendly to contact lens wear. You can even insert them with your lenses in. What's more, you don't need to purchase Thealoz Duo on prescription, making it the perfect solution for all dry eye sufferers.

Ideal for:

  • All Dry Eye sufferers
  • A pre­mi­um alter­na­tive — Peo­ple who have tried oth­er eye drops, but not found sat­is­fac­tion or comfort
  • All Symp­toms – From mild-to-severe 
  • Con­tact lens wear­ers – for improved comfort

Is Thealoz Duo Safe?

Yes, when used correctly Thealoz Duo is safe.

Key benefits of using Thealox Duo:
  •  Protects, hydrates and lubricates the eye’s surface
  •  Suitable for all dry eyes
  •  Clinically proven to last a long time on the eye
  •  Unique bottle, the ABAK bottle for easy application
  •  Preservative-free
  •  Can be used for up to 3 months from opening
  •  Hypotonic formulation for effective relief
  •  Can be used with all types of contact lenses


Thealoz Duo Ingredients

Trehalose 3, Sodium Hyaluronate 0.15g. 
Sodium Chloride, Trometamol, Hydrochloric acid.
Water for injections to 100ml.