TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask | Side Effects - What You Need To Know

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TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask | Side Effects - What You Need To Know

THERAPEARL is a reusable therapeutic hot & cold pack for use with common aches, pains, swelling, and bruising.

What is TheraPearl Eye-ssentail Mask?

Thera-Pearl Eye Mask offers a therapeutic spa-like treatment for a variety of eye conditions, from the comfort of your own home. Developed by eye care professional Bausch & Lomb, the eye-ssential mask is perfect for treating dry eye, blepharitis, sinus headaches, irritation and relieve puffy eyes.

Who is TheraPearl Eye-ssenital Mask For?

Suitable cold or hot, you can choose the type of treatment you’re after with Thera-Pearl Eye-ssential Mask. Designed with Pearl Technology, the small pearls can retain heat or remain cool for long periods of time. This versatile product is suited to those with even the most sensitive eyes.

The Thera-Pearl Eye-ssential Mask helps to reduce:

  • Dry Eye
  • Styes
  • Migraines/Sinuses
  • Puffy Eyes

Is TheraPearl Eye-ssenital Mask Safe?

Always test temperature prior to application. Prolonged application may cause injury including burns. Do not use on infants. Do not use if you have poor circulation. Do not fall asleep using the eye mask. 

How to use TheraPearl Eye-ssenital Mask?
THERAPEARL Eye-ssential Mask should be applied to skin or closed eyelids no more than the doctor-recommended time of 20 minutes. Remove and wait at least 20 minutes. Reapply eye mask for no more than 20 minutes, if needed.

  • COLD THERAPY - Freeze for at least 2 hours.
  • HEAT THERAPY - Microwave for time indicated below and test mask temperature. Heat for additional 5 seconds as needed until desired temperature is reached.

    Suggested heating time for (1) one THERA°PEARL Eye-ssential Mask:

    700 Watt Microwave: 15 seconds
    1000 Watt Microwave: 12 seconds
    1250 Watt Microwave: 10 seconds
  • CLEANING - Clean eye mask gently with mild soap after each use.
  • CAUTION - For external use only. Do not use on infants. Do not ingest contents. Do not use for purposes other than as intended. Check with your doctor before use on broken, irritated, highly sensitive or insensitive skin. Use only under adult supervision. Always test pack temperature prior to application. Overheating or prolonged application may cause injury to person, including burns. Heating beyond suggested time may damage or destroy THERA°PEARL pack.