Blephagel (30g)

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Benefits Of Blephagel
  • Soothes eyelids and relieves symptoms of blepharitis
  • Tailored to dry eye sufferers and those with sensitive skin
  • Helps the eyelid area to feel fresh and hydrated
  • Sterile and preservative-free
What Is Blephagel?

Blephagel is a sterile, hypoallergenic gel used to soothe the surface of the eyelid and relieve the symptoms of blepharitis such as inflammation, redness and discomfort. This product is perfect from dry eye sufferers or those with sensitive skin types. Applying the gel over the eyelid lubricates the eye area; cooling and soothing itchy eyes without causing more irritation to the skin. In comparison to dry eye drops or wipes, gels are highly effective in dealing with more severe inflammation or itching.

This product also comes in a pocket handy 30g tube, which can be applied easily by simply using a cotton wool swab or pad.

How To Apply Your Eye Gel

Simply apply a small amount of the gel underneath each eyelid. A cotton wool swab or pad can be used to wipe away but please be sure to use a fresh one for each eyelid.

What is Blepharitis and What Products are Best for me?

Blepharitis is a common eye condition usually caused by bacteria or a skin condition and can affect people of all ages.
Symptoms of blepharitis most often include eyelid inflammation or redness, itchy eyes and eyelids or dandruff-like flakes over the eyelashes.

There are plenty of over-the-counter treatments for blepharitis including gels, wipes and drops. The best blepharitis products for you depends on what you feel most comfortable with and what your eye doctor recommends. If you are yet to consult a doctor about blepharitis, you can reach out to your local optometrist here.

Alternative Products For Blepharitis

Other blepharitis treatments we have in stock are Blephasol Lotion and Blephasol Duo.