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Benefits Of Lagad Lacrima
  • Protection against the symptoms of dry eyes
  • Great alternative to using eye drops
  • Contains essential dietary vitamins and minerals
  • Easy-to-take food supplements 
What Is Lagad Lacrima? 

It’s a common case that our eyes are subject to the symptoms of dry eyes. From extensive use of computer or TV screens, wearing contact lenses, effects of ageing or blepharitis or even cold, air-conditioned environments, our eyes can become dry, gritty, tired and irritated. Effective treatments are out there, but sometimes we want an alternative to drops or gels.

This is where Lagad Lacrima comes in. Lagad Lacrima is a dual purpose, easy-to-take food supplement that helps protect our eyes from that irritating, dry sensation that dry eyes cause. By helping to promote the production of your tears, this supplement relieves you of discomfort.

Lagad Lacrima also contains important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are found naturally in the human body including; Omega 3, Borage Oil, Zinc and more. These all help to reduce oxidative stress on the eye – both a cause and consequence of dry eyes.

A word from the manufacturer... 

Lagad Lacrima® is designed to relieve sensations of dry eyes.

How To Use Lagad Lacrima 

The recommended dose for Lagad Lacrima is two soft gels a day – preferably alongside a meal.