Opti Free RepleniSH (300ml)

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Why Choose Opti Free Replenish (300ml)
  • All-in-one contact lens solution
  • Restores moisture and comfort to your contact lenses
  • Disinfects contact lenses from a build-up of dirt, protein and deposits
  • Lenses stay comfortable for longer
More About Opti Free RepleniSH

Opti Free RepleniSH, by Alcon & Ciba Vision, provides an effective, deep cleanse of your contact lenses, ensuring all traces of dirt, protein and deposits are completely rinsed and cleaned out. This all-in-one, multi-purpose contact lens solution greatly reduces the risk of irritation or discomfort whilst wearing your lenses. 

As a multi-purpose solution, Opti Free RepleniSH does the following:

- Cleans

- Reconditions

- Rinses

- Disinfects

- Stores

This solution also means there is no need to rub your contacts clean after use, an inconvenience for contact lens wearers as you risk damaging the lens. 

Opti Free RepleniSH provides that extra level of moisture too, ensuring your contacts stay comfortable for even longer.