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Benefits Of Viteyes 2
  • Combination of vitamins and minerals to promote positive eye health
  • The unique formula recommended by the AREDS
  • Contributes to the maintenance of our normal vision
  • Protects eye cells from oxidative stress
  • 180 capsules and a 90 day supply
What Are Viteyes 2?

Viteyes 2 Capsules are a unique combination of vitamins and minerals created to strengthen and promote the positive health of our eyes. This unique formula is highly recommended by the Age-Related Eye Care Study (AREDS 2). Viteyes 2 contains lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids which are not found naturally in the body. These carotenoids are synthesised from our diet and contribute towards the healthy vision.

Studies have shown that a balanced diet is essential in maintaining healthy vision, especially as we age. However, sometimes it’s not always possible to get all the vitamins or minerals needed to support this.

That’s where Viteyes 2 comes in, containing vital nutrients our body needs to supplements our eye health. For example, vitamins C & E protect the eyes from oxidative stress; lutein protects and maintains the health of the macula and; zeaxanthin protects our eyes from harmful blue light damage.

An easy-to-take supplement which ensures your body takes in exactly what it needs for the health of your eyes and vision.

Award-Winning Eye Health Supplements

Viteyes 2 is an award-winning eye health supplement, claiming Best Mineral and Vitamin Supplement back in 2014 from the Health Food Business Awards. We also stock Viteyes 2 Advanced - an enhanced formula to Viteyes 2 original with added vitamins such as bilberry and grape seed extract.

Why Should I Take Eye Health Supplements?

Eye health supplements are an easy way of ensuring our diet is packed full of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary to promote positive vision. Maintaining healthy eyes reduces the risk of age-related eye conditions later in life. By using eye health supplements, you are reducing the risk and slowing down the progression of macular degeneration, cataracts and other conditions.


- Lutein (10mg)

- Zeaxanthin (2mg)

- Vitamin C (500mg)

- Vitamin E (400mg)

- Zinc (25mg)

- Copper 

Recommended Intake 

The suggested intake of Viteyes 2 is 2 capsules daily. 

Also Try

We also stock Viteyes 2 Advanced – an enhanced formula to Viteyes 2 original with added nutrients such as bilberry and grape seed extract. 


four star  Excellent service  Viteyes 2 was recommended by my ophthalmologist some years ago, to ward off glaucoma. I have not experienced any deterioration in my vision since then, so I assume the capsules work. They were dispatched very quickly.  (16/12/2020) -


five star  Good vitamins  I've been taking these vitamins for several years on advice of my oftalmologist. While I was advised that healthy diet is better, it's not always possible. So vitamins help to get the nutrients required for people with macular dystrophy.  (07/07/2020) Suzy - UK


five star  Vit eyes 2  During the coronavirus lockdown, my order was delayed. I sent an email and within a couple of days I received a repeat order. When my original order arrived I decided to keep it too and I was offered a discount which would only have happened when a double order is made. Thank you.  (04/06/2020) Terry mooney - Liverpool
Our Reply: Glad we have been able to help during these difficult time.


five star    recommended by the opticians  (07/02/2020) karen williams -


five star    Trusted product, recommended by my Optician  (06/02/2020) Marion Patterson -


four star    Time will tell  (06/02/2020) Martin Jollyman -