How To Use A Warm Compress To Treat Eye Conditions

What is an eye warm compress? 

Simply put it is a cloth squeezed in warm water, which is placed over the eyes to provide relief from dry, tired eyes and has a lot of health benefits too. If you’ve had pink eyes, you’ve probably had this treatment done to you. It has been portrayed in Hollywood movies as a beauty treatment and although it does make for a wonderfully peaceful, relaxing moment for yourself, it comes highly recommended for several eye issues, which I will highlight below.

It loosens the debris and scales around the eyes, especially along the eyelash line, which is most important in avoiding “Lash lice” for all those men and women that wear false lashes too often. This compress also stimulates the production of Meibum- which is a liquid produced by your eye glands to help protect your delicate eyes from extreme dryness/ desiccation and foreign obstacles. They’re basically responsible for keeping your eyes wet and healthy.

Warm compresses can treat eye issues:

There are lots of eye issues that a warm eye compress can help to treat - even chronic medical issues such as:

  • Blepharitis- when the edges of your eyelids become inflamed, making them itchy, dry and highly irritable, producing crusty scales as well.
  • Evaporative Dry Eyes- as the name suggests it is a dry eye problem and is the most common form. It is usually caused by low-quality tears (yes, our tears have quality levels, who would've guessed?), when the oil glands that moisturise our eyelids get
  • Meibomian (my-bow-me-an) Gland Dysfunction/ MGD- this is another common eye problem involving inflammation that is caused by clogged glands in the eyelids. Ever noticed how some people's tears run down their cheeks – as if the tears are very thin, and are not very salty? Whilst others who need it to form quite a large heavy tear before it drops? That’s the quality of your tears being questioned.

Bonus: Other amazing benefits include curing puffy eyes, migraines, sinuses and eye styes.

How do you use a warm eye compress?

Gone are the days when we needed a nurse/ our mother to sit with a cloth in a bowl of warm water and constantly dip, squeeze and place a cloth over our eyes. Eye lounge has made it very easy for you to wear a mask that acts as a warm compress and a cold one all in one called the Therapearl Eye-ssential Mask. Now you can have that all-important ‘me time’ whilst you treat your eyes.

But what about the cold setting?

Why use a cold compress you ask? That’s simple, the saying “too much of a good thing” is actually true and applies to eye masks as well. They shouldn’t be too hot or left on for too long. The idea is to clear blockages, not cook your eyes. Overuse of a compress can also cause (apart from burning), irritation and dryness.

With the pearls inside the Therapearl eye-ssential mask, you can choose the temperature and the pearls will adjust accordingly, making this perfect for sensitive skins and eyes as well. But don’t ever make the mistake of falling asleep with any warm eye compress mask on, as you can overtreat your eyes and cause harm. I would suggest a 20-minute treatment is enough or as recommended by a physician.

No matter what colour, size or shape they are, your eyes are precious, but your tears are even more so. Don’t take your eyes for granted, speak to us for your 20-minute peaceful escape through the healing magic of a warm eye compress today.

- Ari