Blephasol Side Effects - What You Need To Know

Blephasol Lotion is highly recommended for blepharitis sufferers – effectively soothing sore, red or burning sensations over the eyelids.

But, for those with sensitive skin types, it is essential to be 100% sure of any possible side effects when using lotions, gels or wipes over the eyes.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick article for you. You’ll find everything you need to know before purchasing Blephasol Lotion right here.

Blephasol Side Effects

There are no known side effects to using Blephasol. This lotion is both alcohol and fragrance free, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin as it does not cause further irritation to the eyelids or eyes.

This also means it does not need to be rinsed off after use and can be left on the skin to settle.

Blephasol Ingredients

The ingredients, provided by Thea Pharmaceuticals, for Blephasol Lotion include:

- Aqua
- PEG-8
- Polysorbate 20
- Capryloyl Glycine
- Poloxamer 184
- PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides
- Dipotassium Phosphate
- Sodium Hydroxide
- Potassium Phosphate

* The ingredients listed above are correct to the best of our knowledge and may be subject to change

Blephasol Benefits

- NO soap, alcohol or fragances used
- NO preservatives
- Easy-to-use (no rinsing required)
- Soothes redness, burning and irritation over the eyelids
- Removes debris and excess grease