Blephagel | Side Effects, Case Studies, Ingredients

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Blephagel  |  Side Effects, Case Studies, Ingredients

"Innovative Steri-Free® technology means that Blephagel remains sterile for up to 2 months after opening."

What is Blephagel?

Blephagel cools, cleans, refreshes and soothes eyelids. It is free from preservatives, alcohol(ethanol) and perfumes and so is suitable for most patients including those with sensitive skin.

Innovative Steri-Free® technology means that Blephagel remains sterile for up to 2 months after opening. The inner aluminium layer ensures the tube remains airtight and a hermetic membrane protects against bacterial contamination.

*This product has been designed to reduce allergic risks.


What are Blephagel Side Effects?
  • Mild irritation with stinging is common after application
  • Do not apply the gel directly into your eyes
  • Not to be used in children below 3 years of age

Who is Blephagel for?

Blepharitis can be the bane of contact lens wearers' lives. It develops from drying of the eyes caused by lens overwear and leads to inflammation and itching which can be a real pain. Blephagel Hypoallergenic Gel provides a superbly effective solution to blepharitis. But it is tailored to dry eyes sufferers who also have sensitive skin, being able to soothe itchy, painful eyes without irritating the skin around the eyes.

Is Blephagel Safe?

Blephagel has been evaluated in the standard battery of tests for cosmetic products intended to be used around the eyes and has been shown to be safe and nonirritant

How to use Blephagel? 

Blephagel can be applied morning and evening, or as often as is deemed necessary; it can also be left on overnight and wiped off in the morning.

A calibrated dose is pumped onto a cotton wool pad and half transferred to a second pad so there is a separate pad for each eye. The pads are then used to gently wipe the eyelid/lash root area of each eye in small circular motions. Leftover Blephagel should be removed with a clean pad.

Blephagel can be used by all contact lens wearers.The gel remains sterile up to 2 months after opening.


Blephagel Ingredients

Aqua, Poloxamer 188, Peg-90, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide