Hycosan Eye Drops Side Effects: Ingredients, Benefits And More

Hycosan eye drops treat a wide range of dry eye symptoms including mild and moderate to even more severe cases of eye irritations.

But, do they have any side effects? What ingredients are used? Are they suitable for your symptoms? You’ll find everything you need to know before buying here.

What Are Hycosan Eye Drops Side Effects?

Hycosan drops only use natural ingredients which are preservative and phosphate free. This means all its ingredients are safe and do not cause further irritation or effects to your eyes.
Hycosan products are sterile too, meaning they can be used for up to 6 months after their first use.
So, if you are worried about any possible side effects in using Hycosan eye drops, then good news! They are completely safe and only use the highest quality ingredients for maximum eye comfort.
Read below for more information on Hycosan products.

Hycosan Ingredients:

Hycosan eye drops are composed of 3 key ingredients: - Sodium Hyaluronate - Citrate Buffer - Sorbitol & Water Sodium hyaluronate gives Hycosan its featured viscosity and long-lasting effectiveness of its drops.
All of its ingredients are preservative free.

Benefits Of Hycosan Eye Drops

Can be used up to 6 months after opening Preservative and phosphate free No blurring of vision Suitable for use with all contact lenses Suitable for use after surgery Treats mild, moderate and severe symptoms of dry eyes Easy to use bottle with patented COMOD delivery system Hycosan drops tackle all cases of dry or tired eyes. Hycosan Extra can even soothe the most severe dry eye symptoms thanks to an increase to 2% sodium hyaluronate. What makes Hycosan products unique is the use of Citrate Buffer in its formula. This acts to keep the pH solution neutral and so maximise comfort in the eye. It also prevents the risk sometimes associated with alternative phosphate buffers used in other eye drop products.