Clinitas Gel (10g)

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(formerly Clinitas Hydrate) 

A lubricating eye gel for everyday use that lasts up to six hours making it ideal for overnight use too?

Clinitas Hydrate boosts the aqueous layer of the tear film. It is a high performance liquid gel drop that rapidly spreads across the whole surface of the eye providing lubrication which aids comfort and reduces friction.

Clinitas Hydrate is particularly good for occasional dry eye discomfort caused by?

  • Environmental factors including wind and pollution
  • Hormonal medications such as HRT, and anti-histamines
  • Ideal overnight / first thing in morning
  • Easy to use liquid gel drop
  • Polymer boosts watery layer and comfort
  • Use 30 mins prior to inserting contact lenses
  • Discard 28 days after opening.

What Is Clinitas Gel?

Clinitas Hydrate lubricates and moisturises the eyes. It lubricates the surface of the eye when the eyes feel dry, gritty or sore. These uncomfortable sensations can occur for many reasons, including air conditioning and computer use. In air conditioned rooms tears evaporate more quickly whilst using a computer tends to result in less blinking which also dries the eye. Consequently, the eyes start to feel tired, irritated or sore.

Clinitas Hydrate is a transparent gel which protects the eye by forming a moisturising film, giving rapid relief of symptoms. As Clinitas Hydrate is a liquid gel, it helps to provide relief from the discomforts of dry eye.