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Benefits Of Nutrof Total
  • Contains omega 3’s as recommended by AREDS (Highest grade fish oil used)
  • Supplements to promote positive, healthy eyes and vision
  • Once-a-day, easy to take capsules
  • Effective prevention of age-related eye disorders such as macular degeneration and cataracts
  • The total formula for eye health
  • Wide range of ingredients known to be associated with optimal ocular function
What Is Nutrof Total? 

As we grow older, the risk of developing age-related eye conditions such as macular degeneration grows stronger. Studies have shown that supplementing essential body nutrients can help reduce this risk and protect you from losing your sight.

However, with our busy schedules and lifestyles, it’s not always so simple to take in these nutrients through our diets.

Nutrof Total is a specially formulated one-a-day capsule designed to ensure you meet the recommended intake for a range of powerful antioxidants and prevent the risk of vision loss.

Nutrof Total Composition

Nutrof Total capsules contain the highest grade of fish oil, including 231mg of omega-3 known to protect adult eyes from the progression of macular degeneration and dry eyes.

These capsules also include lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids that are found naturally in plants and have been shown to protect the macula from oxidative stress caused by blue light.

Other nutrients include; vitamins C and E; zinc and; copper. These are all essential antioxidants that our body cannot produce itself but have significant health benefits for the cells of your eyes.

If you are concerned about the progression of age-related eye conditions, supplements such as Nutrof Total ensures your body receives all the nutrients needed to protect your eyesight.

Why Take Eye Health Supplements?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain a balanced diet full of all the nutrients and minerals our body needs to function at its best. Vitamins C and E, as well as other nutrients such as omega-3, zinc, and copper, are vital for healthy vision.

Eye health supplements subsidize any deficiencies in these nutrients. This ensures your body still takes in everything it needs to protect eye cells from the risk of eye conditions later in life.

Key Features
  • The total formula for eye health
  • Wide range of ingredients known to be associated with optimal ocular function
  • Just one easy-to-swallow capsule per day
  • Highest grade fish oil used
How to use

1x capsule per day.
Opaque capsules provide maximum protection from oxidation for the fish oil.

Alternative Eye Health Supplements 

We also stock PreserVision Lutein food supplements, developed from the scientifically-backed AREDS formula.


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