Case Study: Harry's Experience with Blephasteam


Harry was diagnosed with Dry Eye and was prescribed Eye Drops, to substitute the tears his glands were not producing. They helped, but he still experiences the stinging, gritty, burning and itchy feeling of dry eye.

He began to blink more, but people assumed he was nodding off to sleep. It eventually becomes unbearable so he was referred to a specialist who diagnosed blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelids, a condition 2/3rd of people with dry eye suffer from.

At a lunch event, someone recommended electric googles to deliver steam to the eyes, which melts wax oil in the eye and helps natural secretions.

Harry stumbled upon Blephasteam Goggles by happy coincidence. Invented by British eye specialist John Fuller, when he had a steam bath in New Zealand and noted how much clearer his vision was afterwards. Tears are formed of three layers, one is oily and the heat melts that layer and creates better lubrication.

Harry began using the steam googles, which look like swimming goggles and was still able to read and watch tv, during the quick twice-daily 10-minute treatments. The natural treatment, unlike eye drops which contain chemicals, really helped and within a few weeks, he was delighted by the improvement in his sight. He can now open his eyes easily in the morning and spends his day in much better comfort.

And a study by Caledonian University in Glasgow found an improvement in symptoms in 100 per cent of patients using the goggles.