How do eyebrows protect the eyes?

Eyebrows are an ever-evolving beauty standard that has changed how eyebrows look drastically throughout the years. Apart from being useful in the beauty world, they are even more important in the biological world, and they have a few important functions that help to protect our eyes. Humans, just like many other animals, have evolved to grow eyebrows, and these evolutionary changes have made a big difference in the health of our eyes and provide protection from dusk, bacteria, and sweat. In fact, thanks to eyebrows, sweat flows down the side of the face so it won't go directly into the eye socket. Whether it's sweat, rain, or shower water, eyebrows do a great job of re-routing liquids away from the eyes. Both the shape of your eyebrows and each individual hair within the brow play a big role in this function.

The eyebrows serve a few other functions. For one, eyebrows are crucial for facial expression and communicating subtle emotions, and the eyebrow ridge may have evolved to allow for more expressive eyebrow movements, meaning it is easier to show expressive emotions as well as read other people. The eyebrows are a huge factor when it comes to expressing emotions, whether sadness or happiness, and even disgust can almost always be read from eyebrow expressions.

However, for eyebrows to do their main functions successfully they need to be looked after. Don’t over-pluck them as this means there are fewer hairs to catch any of the oils and dirt, meaning you may run the risk of eye infections if anything does get into your eyes. Additionally, always clean your eyebrows regularly, ideally on a morning and night especially if you wear makeup during the day. Makeup, if left on the face can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria so its essential you clean it all off before you go to bed. Micellar water is great for removing all sorts of makeup, even waterproof makeup!

Additionally dyeing eyebrows has become increasingly trendy so if you wish to dye yours, be very careful. Make sure the dye is safe and doesn’t contain any ammonia as this is really dangerous if it gets in your eyes but it’s also not good for your skin. Another important thing you should do is research! Don’t dye your eyebrows without reading the instructions but also read reviews from people who have used the product. Don’t use the product if it has many negative reviews and watching tutorials on how to use the product may also prevent you from using it incorrectly or getting the product in your eye. Bleaching your eyebrows can also be dangerous as this could also get in the eyes and may cause serious damage, bleach may also make the eyebrow hairs thinner, meaning they won’t be able to function as well as before, and may even stop them from protecting your eyes from the sun. Therefore, bleach your eyebrows at your own risk and once again read the instructions carefully.

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