How do false eyelashes affect the eyes?

False eyelashes are a staple in many women’s makeup routines. But in order to keep your eyelashes and eyes safe, it’s best to know a bit more about fake eyelashes and the adhesive that’s used to glue them on. As long as they’re applied safely, there shouldn’t be any risks to wearing them. This blog will go into detail about fake eyelashes and what they could do to your eyes and natural eyelashes if they weren’t applied correctly.

What are fake eyelashes made from?

The majority of fake eyelashes are made out of a plastic fibre called PBT, or Polybutylene Terephthalate. This fibre is a type of polyester that is heated and moulded into the desired shape. However there are also eyelashes made out of mink fur, these eyelashes aren’t cruelty-free or vegan-friendly so always read the label when purchasing eyelashes online or in-store. Be careful not to scratch your eye surface with fake eyelashes as the plastic fibres can do quite a bit of damage to your cornea, always apply fake lashes over the top of your natural lashes and don’t go below the lash line as this can cause more irritation.

Can lash glue be harmful?

Lash glue or adhesive isn’t regulated by any authority meaning that there may be harmful chemicals, a great tip is to research the brand and look at reviews. Buy products from reputable sources as you don’t want to harm your eyes and their function.

Do false eyelashes harm the eyes?

False eyelashes are generally safe and can be worn every day. However, if misused they can cause eye infections, allergic reactions, and even more serious eye problems. It is recommended to apply the lash adhesive on the actual lash rather than on your eyelid as this stops the glue from seeping into your eyes which could potentially cause discomfort and in more severe cases might need medical attention. After you’ve applied the glue, you should wait for at least 30 seconds before you apply the eyelash, this gives time for the adhesive to dry a little and makes it more sticky meaning it will stay in place.

Another tip is to make sure your false eyelashes are clean as dirty fake lashes are a breeding ground for bacteria, which could cause serious eye infections. It’s always best to use fake eyelashes a couple of times before disposing or you could clean them. Micellar water is a great way to clean fake eyelashes and can clean the glue off too. Simply soak your eyelashes in micellar water overnight, we recommend putting them in a small container. After you’ve soaked your eyelashes, it should be a lot easier to peel off the sticky residue and clean off any remaining makeup with some tweezers and a cotton bud. To keep their shape, put them back in their packaging and use a spoolie to separate the individual lashes. This can also help to clean off any additional debris and makes them fluffy again. Then leave the ashes to dry and once completely dry they can be used again.

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