Is alcohol and eggnog wise for our eyes?

It’s coming to that time of year when we are getting out the Eggnog and the Baileys, those classic Christmas drinks we all adore. Here at Eye Lounge we wondered, though these festivities are of splendour, can they affect our eyes?

What is Eggnog?
Originating in Britain, Eggnog was used as a symbolic representation of wealth due to its ingredients of milk, eggs and sherry. From there, it crossed the Atlantic to the British Colonies during the 18th Century, continuing on throughout the world as times progressed. It’s adored for its heavenly creamy depth taste, associated with the much beloved melted ice cream, or Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough if your pushing the boat out.  

Contrary to the “youth’s” knowledge/awareness, alcohol actually has a shockingly negative affect on not only your health, but also your eyes. Though the source of alcohol potency varies, its Ethanol contents maintains the same, as it would in nail polish, disinfectant and even motor fuel.

Excessively consuming alcohol doesn’t only degrade your stomach lining but slows the body’s internal communications. More specifically, as your body cannot digest it like it would a sandwich, it sits within your body acting as a nervous system depressant. Prohibiting the effective/essential communication between all nerve cells throughout our body, as well as between our eyes and our brain. This prohibition between our eyes and body is also referred to as the “bevvy blurs” or “spins” which leads to double vision, and even a reduction in our ability to differentiate between colour shades.

In addition, the alcohol decreases the water concentration within our bodies, creating that potentially desired “drunk” feeling, but also dramatically flaring up the blood vessels within our eyes. This can in fact be extremely dangerous. Our eyes appear a “bloodshot” whilst our blood vessels are inflamed; not allowing those blood vessels time to rest and repair can be life-altering, they can, in fact, burst causing blood to ooze all over the ocular surface of your eye.

All this taken into account, the ideal scenario is to avoid any alcohol, but if you must, to only consume according to the recommended guidelines and in moderation. That way, you are giving your body and eyes the best chance for optimal health.

Best eye care products to use after consuming alcohol?
Eye Masks
Dry Eye Drops
Eye Vitamins
Eye Sprays