Is Macushield just for the older generation?

You know how people often think eye vitamins are just for the older generation? Well, that's not the whole picture. These vitamins aren't exclusive to the elderly—they're an everyday rescue no matter your age! 

We live in a world where screens are practically glued to our eyeballs, and that has been proven to mess with our vision. Eye vitamins, the scientifically backed ones, aren't picky about age. They're here for anyone dealing with tired eyes, screen strain, or just wanting to keep their peepers in good shape.

Think about it like this: eye health is something we all care about, right? It's not just a concern for your grandma; it's for everyone. Whether you're a tech-savvy youngster or someone with a few more candles on their birthday cake, taking care of your eyes is just good sense.


What issue may younger people be facing in today's society concerning their eyes? 


  • Blue Light Exposure - Macusheld contains antioxidants that may help counter the effects of blue light exposure, which in modern-day society and the rapid increase of digital technology is essential to make sure your eyes are kept healthy and warn away any frustrating issues such as strained eyes.


  • Preventative Eye Care - Reduce the risk of age-related eye problems, it's no secret we grow old and can increase the problems we may have so preventing this earlier is something everyone should be aware of.


  • Family History of Eye Conditions - Individuals with a family history of macular degeneration or other conditions may take it as a preventative measure. Many people may have to have glasses or contacts growing up similar to either of your parents. 


  • Contact Lens Wearers - Individuals who wear contact lenses may experience dry eyes or discomfort. MacuShield can contribute to maintaining ocular surface health and comfort.


  • Frequent Travel: - Young professionals or students who travel frequently may be exposed to different environmental conditions. MacuShield can offer added protection against factors that could impact eye health during travel.

Embracing Digital Well-Being for Your Eyes:

In an increasingly digital age, the strain on our eyes from screens is a common concern. Reflect on your screen time habits and the measures you've taken to reduce digital eye strain. Consider implementing the 20-20-20 rule (looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes) or using blue light filtering products to protect your eyes during prolonged screen use.

Reference:Blue Light and Eye Health - All About Vision

Looking after your child’s vision

Your child’s sight is precious. Good vision helps them to learn, to play and to communicate with the world around them. Children’s eyes continue to develop until they reach the age of eight. Caring for a child’s eyes in the early years can help lay the foundations for good vision that lasts a lifetime.


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Overall, looking after your eyes early is an evidentially more ideal thing for you to do! it reduces the risks of problems to your eyes at an older age and keeps any discomfort or strain away.