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Remember when your parents used to say don't sit too close to the tv it will ruin your eyes now we're on tablets smartphones and computers all day long how can you protect your family's eyes

blue light exposure can cause eye strain dry eyes headaches and blurry vision as well as disrupting normal sleep patterns with kids on their devices from such a young age we need to make sure we're doing all we can to protect them diets rich in lutein zeaxanthin and astaxanthin can help build the macular pigments in our eyes which absorb blue light you can get lutein and zeaxanthin in foods such as spinach eggs and broccoli however many families aren't getting the necessary amounts of these nutrients in their diets the good news is you can supplement your family's diet with the digital blue range of supplements formulated with lutein zeaxanthin and astaxanthin to help maintain healthy eyes visit viteyes dot co dot uk for more you


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