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The NEW BLEPHASTEAM® by THEA Pharmaceuticals Ltd


BLEPHASTEAM®and its intended use?

The NEW premium standard BLEPHASTEAM® is a patented medical device based on the results of scientific research by Dr JR FULLER. This innovative device relieves symptoms of Meibomian Glands Dysfunction and associated diseases.

It reproduces an environment that naturally enhances tear film quality and stability by reinforcing the thickness of the tear film lipid layer. This layer prevents tear film evaporation; it is produced by Meibomian glands which are found in the eyelids.  These glands can easily be blocked, causing conditions such as dry eye syndrome, chalazion, blepharitis or ocular rosacea.

BLEPHASTEAM® spreads latent heat therapy which allows the melting of secretions and unblocks the Meibomian glands, improving tear film stability.

While using BLEPHASTEAM®, Meibomian glands are unblocked, tear quality is improved enhancing ocular surface health and comfort, leading to clear vision.

BLEPHASTEAM® has been tested and validated to ensure safe use.

What makes the NEW BLEPHASTEAM® a premium device?
  • Its Hands Free 
  • For use by adults & children (from 3 years old) 
  • Less consumables (no more paper rings)
  • Consistent Moist Temperature
  • More comfortable to use than the discontinued "swimming goggle" styling
  • High-end build quality
  • Allows a wider field of vision during use


Who can use BLEPHASTEAM®?

Intended users are adults, children from 3 years old (parents or carers should be present during the treatment), pregnant or breastfeeding women based on the current knowledge.  As standard we sell the Adult size water carrier / face seal, to add the child's size please select this option above. 

BLEPHASTEAM®and its intended use?

BLEPHASTEAM® is designed for relieving the symptoms caused by abnormal functioning of Meibomian glands and associated diseases such as dry eye syndrome, chalazion, blepharitis or ocular rosacea.

Eyelid hygiene with warming followed by moderate to firm massage is recommended according to the report from the International Workshop on MGD in case of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

The heat and moisture provided by the device melt the secretions that block these lands, making it easier to remove the secretions using massage and pressure of the eyelids.

BLEPHASTEAM® improves tear film stability by reinforcing the lipid layer thickness and helps to decrease symptoms such as grittiness/dryness, foreign body sensation or ocular discomfort. 

The product is designed for indoor use only. This includes homecare use and/or use in healthcare practices (e.g. ophthalmologists, optometrists).

For any questions about this device or for medical advice, please contact your eye specialist or Laboratoires THEA via your Eye Lounge representative.

Do you have symptoms that suggests BLEPHASTEAM® treatment is can help you?

It has been reported that meibum melts at temperatures between 32°C (in normal subjects) and 45°C.  Secretions from more severely obstructed glands have been found to have considerably higher melting points than the secretions from apparently normal, unobstructed glands, and thus to require higher temperatures maintained for longer periods of time for effective therapy.

A constant warming of the meibomian glands to 38°C is vital in MGD (Meibomian gland dysfunction) patients to liquefy the meibum oil before eyelid massage, whilst higher temperatures, preferably 40°C, are recommended for more severely obstructed glands.

Because the meibomian glands are located on the inner eyelid, it is important to ensure that the inner eyelid achieves a therapeutic temperature and maintains that temperature long enough to melt the meibum.  BLEPHASTEAM® provides safely a controlled moist heat (thus also generating high levels of humidity that prevents or reduces evaporation from the aqueous layer of the tear film), delivering a temperature of 42.5°C at the ocular surface.

The heat released by BLEPHASTEAM® melts the meibum that blocks these glands and thus facilitates its clearance though the application of pressure on the eyelids or massage. As shown in a number of clinical studies assessing this device (in patients with MGD and/or dry eye related to MGD), this results in improving gland function, tear film thickness and stability and, ultimately, ocular comfort (i.e., relief of ocular symptoms experienced by patients suffering from MGD).

What do you get?
  • Main unit: BLEPHASTEAM® 
  • BLEPHASTEAM® base station 
  • Adult Water carrier  / face seal - T2422FSA (TPE (Soft plastic) / Polycarbonate (Hard plastic))*
  • Children Water Carrier Version available as variant - T2422FSC
  • Water tray 
  • AC adapter / Power supply 
  • Batteries (pack of 2 x batteries Li-FePO4) 
  • User manual - CLICK
  • Screwdriver 
  • Protective housing/ Soft case 
  • Cleaning cloth 

TPE materials made from non-toxic recyclable plastics are highly eco-friendly. TPE consumes less energy during production than other materials and can often be recycled by molding or extruding. TPE is naturally latex-free and is safe for patients who are sensitive or allergic to latex.

Consumables / lifetime of BLEPHASTEAM® components?
  • Water carrier (estimated limited lifetime: 3 months)
  • Batteries (Batteries Life Time 1 year life When used 2 times a day)
Weight and size of the BLEPHASTEAM® main element?
Element Weight Size
Head unit 0.193 kg 167 x 87 mm
Face seal or water carrier  0.025 kg  130 x 69 mm
Water Tray  0.033 kg  189 x 29 mm
Base station  0.291 kg  147 x 54 mm
Total weight and size of the BLEPHASTEAM® 0.542 kg 

189 x 102 x 141 mm

How to use BLEPHASTEAM®?

It is recommended that you use BLEPHASTEAM® twice a day, unless your eye specialist tells you otherwise. Allow at least four hours between each treatment session.
It is important that the instructions for use and any recommendations given by your eye specialist are followed.
Your BLEPHASTEAM® device is designed to be used by one person only for homecare use and must be cleaned after each use.
Click here for the INSTRUCTION BOOKLET

    Harry's Case Study (extract Daily Mail 2020)  BLEPHASTEAM® ORIGINAL VERSION
    Blephasteam Eye Goggles Steamer

    Harry was diagnosed with Dry Eye and was prescribed Eye Drops, to substitute the tears his glands were not producing. They helped, but he still experiences the stinging, gritty, burning and itchy feeling of dry eye.

    He began to blink more, but people assumed he was nodding off to sleep. It eventually becomes unbearable so he was referred to a specialist who diagnosed blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelids, a condition 2/3rd of people with dry eye suffer from.

    At a lunch event, someone recommended electric googles to deliver steam to the eyes, which melts wax oil in the eye and helps natural secretions.

    Harry stumbled upon Blephasteam Goggles by happy coincidence. Invented by British eye specialist John Fuller, when he had a steam bath in New Zealand and noted how much clearer his vision was afterwards. Tears are formed of three layers, one is oily and the heat melts that layer and creates better lubrication.

    Harry began using the steam googles, which look like swimming goggles and was still able to read and watch tv, during the quick twice-daily 10-minute treatments. The natural treatment, unlike eye drops which contain chemicals, really helped and within a few weeks, he was delighted by the improvement in his sight. He can now open his eyes easily in the morning and spends his day in much better comfort.

    And a study by Caledonian University in Glasgow found an improvement in symptoms in 100 per cent of patients using the goggles.

    Blephasteam Reviews

    "Some of my patients who suffer from dry eyes swear by these goggles and use them every day" says Mr Shah.

    "A randomised controlled trial carried out by German researchers in 2012 showed this type of device appeared to provide more effective warming than simply warm and moist compresses" German Researchers 2012

    "These goggles are expensive, but if you do have an ongoing dry eye problem, they may be worth investing in."


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