Blink Intensive Tears (20 x 0.4ml)

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Benefits Of Blink Intensive Tears
  • Protection and comfort for dry, irritated eyes
  • Formulated to treat moderate to severe symptoms of dry eye
  • Contact lens friendly
  • Includes viscosity enhancer for long-lasting relief 
What Is Blink Intensive Tears?

One of the common annoyances with contact lens wear can be the onset of dry, sensitive or irritated eyes. If you have experienced symptoms of dry eyes, you will understand the effect it can have on your day-to-day life. Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can bring you back to normality and rejuvenate your eyes back to winning ways.

Blink Intensive Tears do exactly that – providing a layer of moisture across the lens and replicating the biological nature of your tears to reduce irritation, redness and restore comfort. All of this is made possible through its OcuPure preservative, a blend of buffers and electrolytes to mimic the composition of human tears. 

Blink Intensive also features a viscosity enhancer which ensures long-lasting relief from dry eye symptoms and comes at the convenience of an easy-to-use, portable 10ml bottle.

Blink Intensive is also safe to use with contact lenses and can also be used to treat more severe symptoms of dry eyes.