Can C Capsules

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Benefits Of Can C Capsules
  • Increases The Time Carnosine Drops Can Remain In The Eye
  • Optimise The Action Of Carnosine Eye Drops
  • Enhance Free Radical Protection
  • Reduce Oxidative Damage
    What Are Can C Capsules?

    Can-C Plus capsules are a unique, patented formula developed by IVP, (the inventors of Can-C Drops). The synergistic combination of ingredients they contain provides an environment for Can-C Drops to be even more beneficial.

    Can-C Plus helps to enhance free radical protection and reduce the oxidative environment inside the eye. In addition, Can-C Plus helps prevent the carnosine in the eye-drops from being broken down; this action increases both the potency of the eye-drops and the length of time that the eye-drops remain active in the eye.

    We recommend using Can-C Drops and Can-C Plus capsules together for those who want the maximum benefit from day one.