Clinitas Soothe Drops (20 x 0.5ml)

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Benefits Of Clinitas Soothe
  • Gentle, preservative-free dry eye drops
  • Easy-to-use re-sealable droppers
  • Rehydrates the tear film
  • Long-lasting comfort and protection
  • Contact lens friendly 
What Is Clinitas Soothe?

Clinitas Soothe eye drops have been designed by Altacor for contact lens wearers which suffer from the effects of dry or irritated eyes. It is a gentle, preservative-free eye drop with a uniquely high concentration of sodium hyaluronate (0.4%). This unique formula helps to replicate the natural function of the human eye – rehydrating the tear film and restoring moisture. 

Clinitas Soothe lubricant eye drops are ideal for everyday use and come in convenient, easy-to-use dropper bottles. Each dropper can be used and re-sealed up to 3 times meaning you can take one with you throughout the day - perfect for dry eye suffers who are looking for a quick solution that provides long-lasting comfort and protection.

Clinitas Soothe can be used without taking out your contact lenses too.