Hycosan Extra (7.5ml)

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Benefits Of Hycosan Red Extra Eye Drops
  • Long lasting relief from dry eye symptoms
  • Preservative free and can be used with all contact lenses
  • Ideal for severe cases of dry eye
What Are Hycosan Red Extra Eye Drops? 

Dry eyes can be a troubling condition for contact lens wearers, causing us unnecessary discomfort that can have a real impact on our day. In some cases, for example with ageing or blepharitis, dry eyes can cause us terrible discomfort leading to more severe symptoms which can be difficult to soothe.

In these situations, specialist eye drops are needed to kick the symptoms. 

Hycosan Red Extra eye drops have been designed specifically for this purpose – it’s four times as viscous as Hycosan, meaning it can soothe and relieve you of even the most severe cases of dry eye. It leaves your eyes feeling fresh and hydrated so you’re ready to tackle the day ahead comfortably.

What’s more, Hycosan Extra packs last for up to five weeks with regular use and, after opening, Hycosan products will still be effective for up to 6 months – so you’ll be sure you still have them at the ready for when symptoms start up again. On top of that, Hycosan is preservative-free and suitable for contact lens use.

More Information

Before putting a product into your eyes, you want to know what the risks and benefits are for you and your symptoms. 

Recommended Usage

Scope Ophthalmic’s recommends using Hycosan Extra three times a day in each eye. This product is made with Scope’s patented Comod delivery system which makes it super easy to administer, literally at the click of a button. Try once in the morning, midway through the day and once before bed for best results.