How You Can Naturally Maintain Your Vision

At some point in our lives, we have all become guilty of taking the simple things for granted in our busy lives, one of those things is our Windows to the world- Our Eyes.

Ever heard somebody say, "You can lie to everybody here, but not me because your eyes can never lie". Whilst that's 100% true, it's also true that everybody can do something to take better care of them in the long run, without the need for contact lenses/ glasses/ surgery.

Let's take a look at simple things we can start now to elongate the health of our eyesight.

Understanding the Bates Method, fact and fiction

According to the Bates method, eye exercises could train the muscles on the outside of the eyes, changing the elasticity of the muscles, which could result in changing the shape of the eyes, therefore correcting short/ long sightedness over time.

The original exercises he suggested were not all warmly received by the community and the medical field back then, however, some saw the gold in his theory and overtime helped revise the Bates theory and replaced the dangerous exercises with more fruitful ones.

So can you change the shape of your eyes by exercising your eye muscles? The short answer is no, whilst eye exercises do nothing to eliminate near-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and age-related issues, practising eye exercises can however help delay the need for glasses/ contact lenses in some cases.

Everybody says diet

There's a term that's highly associated with a rich diet and that is "Macular Degeneration". It's a condition that affects the central part of the eye/ retina, otherwise known as the macular. This degeneration results in the loss of central vision. As a result, it is common in older adults and can be classified as "age-related macular degeneration".

So how do you prevent this from happening sooner than later? The answer lies in what we eat daily. With a high-quality diet, you can prevent this from happening to you at all. Have a look at the list below and start incorporating these foods into your family's diet as well:

Food sources that contain Vitamins A, C, E and minerals such as Zinc should also become part of your mealtimes.

  • Citrus,
  • Strawberries,
  • Sweet potato,
  • Broccoli (as a soup tastes great),
  • Red peppers,
  • Carrots (everybody's favourite, including bunny rabbits),
  • Leafy green vegetables,
  • Zucchini,
  • Eggs,
  • Other foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids are highly recommended to improve your eye health as


The one word that makes some people still hide in the shadows after hearing, but it is true, maintaining a healthy body weight can affect your eye health. If you are overweight, you run the risk of becoming a diabetic and that is damaging to the tiny blood vessels that travel to your eyes as well.

Ever heard of the term Diabetic Retinopathy? This is a condition as a result of too much sugar in your bloodstream, which injures the fragile walls of your arteries. In your eyes, they affect your retina to leak blood and flood the eye which can harm your vision. So getting your blood sugar levels checked out and keeping your diabetes in check is not only helping your heart but your eyesight as well.

What about other CHRONIC CONDITIONS then?

Glad you asked because Diabetes as previously explained is not where it stops. Your blood pressure levels, chronic inflammation, multiple sclerosis, all affect the health of your delicate and much-needed eyesight, so keeping those in check and properly monitored with a healthy diet, exercise and correct medication can save your eyesight in the long run.

Simpler ways to start today

A common issue is staring at computers and laptops for prolonged periods. Every now and then when you feel strained or your eyes get dry, take a "visual break", turn away or step aside from all screens (including your mobile) and look at faraway objects in nature/ objects at a longer distance, basically enjoy a good view, then get back to it.

Ensuring a healthy diet, doing exercise, etc are all things that will thank you in the long run, what about starting now? Well, there is something very important that you can do from today, which is not only a fashion statement but a health necessity- Protective Eyewear. Yes, sunglasses and prescription glasses were initially created to protect your eyes from the sun's UV Rays, not just to match themes and outfits.

There's a trend that if the sun is hurting your eyes directly then only do you need them, that's not true, if you step outside and it looks too bright and you need a minute to adjust, then you need to put on your sunglasses. How about the reverse, if you've stepped inside a room from the outside and everything has gone dark, where you need a minute to let your eyes adjust to the light, then you should've worn sunglasses and need to wear your prescriptions going forward.

Eyewear is essential not only against the sun but against sharp objects, those stray shaven hairs that pop out at inconvenient times into your eyes and even chemicals from entering the eye. During certain working conditions, protective eyewear is essential that must be carried out, not just when the boss is looking, it can save you from an unexpected accident and save your eyes health in the long term.

So, visit our website and get your pair of sunglasses, protective eyewear or book a consultation to see if you need prescriptions. The sooner you take care of your windows to the world, the longer you'll get to enjoy the sights of the same world.

Healthy eyes equal happy eyes

- Ari


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