Opti Free Express Vs Opti Free RepleniSH: Which Contact Lens Solution Is Best For You?

When you compare both Opti Free Express and Opti Free RepleniSH there are a lot of similarities between these two solutions. Indeed, they are both multi-purpose:

  • Both rinse, rewet and clean your contacts
  • Both remove build-up of irritating debris, deposits and proteins
  • Both improve the comfort of your contacts
  • Both are suitable for all types of contact lenses

On the face of it, both of these do everything you need a contact lens solution to do. So, how can you decide which is best to use?

On closer inspection, there are small differences which set them apart – comfort, value for money and bottle size. In this quick article, we’re going to break down these subtle differences to help you find the perfect solution for your contacts.

Opti Free Express Vs Opti Free RepleniSH : Price

If you were hoping for price to be the differentiator then, unfortunately not. Prices will change depending where you look but generally, they are around the same.

The subtle difference here though, hats off to you if you noticed, is that Opti Free Express is a larger bottle than Opti Free RepleniSH. At 355ml, Opti Free Express will give you a fair few extra uses than Opti Free RepleniSH.

So, in terms of pack size, you could say Express is the better value for money. But what if we’re talking about comfort?

Opti Free Express Vs Opti Free RepleniSH: Comfort

Although both solutions pride themselves on moisture retention and enhanced contact lens comfort, Opti Free RepleniSH just pips Express to the post. This is due to Opti Free RepleniSH’s TearGlyde reconditioning system. This system reconditions the surface of your contacts overnight, keeping them moist and comfortable to wear for up to 24 hours – compared to Opti Free Express’s 16 hours.

Express Or RepleniSH? Our Verdict:

As we’ve discovered, the line between choosing Express or RepleniSH is so fine it ultimately comes down to whether you are after that little bit of added comfort or shelf life.

If you feel that contact lens solution is essential in keeping your contact lenses comfortable, or if you wear contact lenses for extended periods, then Opti Free RepleniSH may be your best bet.

However, if ultimately you are looking for value for money, we’d say go for the Opti Free Express bottle as it will last you longer.