What is the correct way of caring for contact lenses?

Contact lenses in their box

Contact lenses are a popular option for vision correction, they’re great for individuals who dislike wearing glasses or find them uncomfortable. Contact lenses require careful and consistent care to ensure they remain safe and comfortable to wear, there are a lot more . Proper care can also help extend the lifespan of your lenses and prevent eye infections. Here are some tips for caring for your contact lenses correctly.

Always wash your hands before handling your lenses

    Before touching your contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Dry your hands with a clean towel, preferably one that does not leave lint or residue. This will help remove any dirt, bacteria, or oils on your hands that can transfer onto your lenses.

    Clean and disinfect your lenses regularly

      It is important to clean and disinfect your contact lenses regularly to remove any build-up of debris, bacteria, or other contaminants that can cause eye infections. There are a variety of cleaning solutions available, such as hydrogen peroxide-based systems or multi-purpose solutions. Follow the instructions on the package for how to use the solution and how often to clean your lenses.

      Avoid exposing your lenses to water

        Never expose your contact lenses to water, including tap water, pool water, or ocean water. Water can contain bacteria, parasites, and other harmful microorganisms that can cause serious eye infections. If you need to swim or shower while wearing your lenses, use waterproof swimming goggles or remove your lenses beforehand.

        Replace your lenses as recommended

          Contact lenses have a lifespan, and they must be replaced regularly to maintain their effectiveness and prevent infections. Follow the recommended replacement schedule for your specific type of lenses. Daily disposable lenses, for example, should be thrown away after each use, while monthly lenses should be replaced every 30 days.

          Store your lenses properly

            When not in use, store your contact lenses in their case filled with fresh solution. Avoid reusing old solution or topping off the solution in your case. Always use the solution recommended by your eye doctor, as different solutions can have different chemical compositions that may not be compatible with your lenses.

            Avoid wearing lenses for extended periods of time

              It is important to give your eyes a break from wearing contact lenses. Avoid wearing your lenses for extended periods of time, such as overnight, as this can increase the risk of eye infections and other complications. Follow your eye doctor's recommendations for how long to wear your lenses each day.

              Don't share your lenses

                Never share your contact lenses with anyone, even family or friends. Each person's eyes are unique, and sharing lenses can increase the risk of infections and other complications.

                In summary, caring for your contact lenses correctly requires consistent attention