Case Study - Nicola's Experience with Blephaclean


Nicola has struggled with Blepharitis now for 2 years, and it was getting extreme. Over this time period, she has gone to a private healthcare establishment to have an exfoliation surgery in order to relieve the severity of the condition.

From there, she was recommended to use Blephaclean every morning as instructed, as well as Hycosan Extra eyedrops for additional lubrication that her eyelids failed to provide.

She highly recommends the Blephaclean as there has been no deterioration in her eyesight or her Blepharitis condition since starting the Blephaclean, therefore, a big success! After a brief conversation regarding the ocular issues that Nicola has, we established that the Thealoz Duo eyedrops would be more effective in tackling her condition than the Hycosan Extra. So, we have sent her out some free samples so she can try them for herself!

Furthermore, she hasn’t attempted any natural remedies that the internet may suggest, as she is reliant upon the high-quality care her current products provide.